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‘Arturo Sánchez’ acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham
22.00 €

on blown bread, stuffed with tomato marrow.    It contains gluten

Opera of cherry tomatoes
16.90 €

macerated in lemon and jalapeño peppers, cochinita pibil, red onion emulsion and orange air.    Nuts

Spanish potato salad of octopus with garlic,
18.60 €

‘Manzanilla’ olive sauce, thyme and mayo-garlic.    Mustard

Ham croquettes
15.30 €

and ‘Arturo Sánchez’ Iberian ham.    It contains gluten Eggs Dairy

Sautéed Japanese noodles,
17.90 €

seasonal vegetables and cephalopods with roasted sesame.    It contains gluten Eggs Mollusks Soya Sesame seeds

Hamburger of matured old cow
19.80 €

‘Big-Papúa’ with aged cheddar cheese, hand-made Thousand Island dressing and crispy bacon.    It contains gluten Eggs Dairy Soya

Cheesecake ´´ testun al barolo´´
11.50 €

Garnacha ice cream and grape crunchy.    Dairy It contains gluten Eggs

“F*cking Donut”
10.50 €

Glazed donuts, sweet popcorn and salted toffe.    Dairy It contains gluten Eggs

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